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Best Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. On most holidays, such as Thanksgiving, birthdays, and even Christmas, moms are running around trying to make the holidays perfect for everyone else. Mother’s Day is one of the only days that mothers can sit down and relax after spending so much time trying to balance motherhood,

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Best Ways To Celebrate The First Day of Spring With Kids

Spring has a special place in my heart because it is a time of new life. This is why many nations, such as Japan, have festivals to celebrate the season of spring. I am already seeing the cherry blossoms begin to bud on the trees! Since I do not yet have seasonal allergies, spring is

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Simple Things To Do With Toddlers for St. Patrick’s Day

When you think about St. Patrick’s Day, you think about drinking or going out to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. But after you have a child your life changes in many ways, including your social life. While an older child would be able to handle busy crowds, such as parades, young kids don’t fare as

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